Italo-Brazilian designer born in Belém, capital of the State of Parà, cidade das mangueiras, of incredible exotic fruits such as Açaì, with a unique and appreciated gastronomy in every where and city. After studying in Brazil she moved to Milan to refine her artistic skills and complete her studies in the high fashion sector.

 After completing her studies she dedicated herself to the perfection of artistic skills by collaborating with some stylists in Milan.

 She began her activity thanks to artistic consultancy which led her to the decision to realize her first collection characterized by silk fabrics with exclusive designs made by the same designer in which the colors and mixes represent her Brazilian culture.


Ambassador Awards 2022
Brazil - Portugal

At Casa das Américas in Portugal-Lisbon, she was awarded as Ambassador of Brazilian Fashion in Europe.

In 2021 "ORA magazine publishes an article on the atelier of  PAULÁ BRÁZIL

In 2012 the well-known fashion magazine "Collezioni Trends" published a work inspired by the theme "Sacred and Profane"

Dress Marajoara

In 2011 she took part in Fashion in Paper, a new event in which she was the protagonist with the creation of a crocheted dress with recycled paper strings made and embroidered by hand and inspired by the Marajoara culture of her region. Work exhibited at the Milan Triennale and subsequently in Rome, Turin, Florence, Madrid and London.

With this creation, the event obtained the patronage of the Lombardy Region for the publication of a catalog and distributed in all Italian bookshops.

Paper Jewel

During her studies she successfully participated in some competitions and fashion exhibitions. 

In 2010 she was selected and participated in Fashion Paper, an event created to communicate fashion through paper, promoted by the Province of Milan together with Afol Moda, the Brera Academy, Florence and Turin. 

Traveling exhibition with exhibitions in Milan, Turin, Florence and Madrid.