Paula Brasil

Brazilian Fashion Designer born in Belém, capital of the State of Parà, a city with over 3 million inhabitants also called the capital of mango thanks to the mango trees that distinguish its avenues and  where there are a lot of incredible exotic fruits, such as Açaí, which are used in the Paraense gastronomy with its  unique and appreciated  everywhere dishes.
City with important historical origins and main port for the export of Amazonian products  with an important Catholic tradition thanks to the devotion of the Nossa Senhora de Nazaré, Madonna depicted with a statue venerated in every part of Brazil and declared a Heritage of 'Unesco.

After her studies in Brazil she moved to Milan to refine her artistic skills and complete her preparation in the Fashion &
Luxury sector. During her studies she successfully participates in some fashion competitions and exhibitions.

Jewel of Paper

In 2010 she was selected and participated in Fashion Paper, an event created to communicate creativity through paper, promoted by the Province of Milan together with Afol Moda and the Brera Academy.

Paper Dress

In 2011 she was again selected to participate in
Fashion Paper, a traveling exhibition with exposure in Milan, Turin, Florence, Rome and Madrid promoted by the Province of Milan and its Afol Moda school, by the Accademia de Brera and by the Academies of Florence and Turin, to communicate fashion through paper.
She was protagonist of such event with the creation of a dress totally embroidered in crochet with hand-made recycled paper cords and inspired by the Marajoara culture of her Brazilian region.
The work was particularly appreciated and exhibited at the Milan Triennale and subsequently in Rome, Turin, Florence, Madrid and London, as well as  published in the exhibition catalogs
distributed in all Italian bookstores.

Magazine Trends Collections

In 2012 the well-known trend magazine "Collezioni Trends" publishes the work of Paula Brasil inspired by the theme "Sacred and Profane" created during her
training in Milan.

After completing his studies, he dedicated himself to the perfection of artistic skills by collaborating with some stylists in Milan and then starting his own business in 2016 thanks to artistic consultancy requested by third parties and the creation of his collections, all always characterized by fine fabrics such as silk. depicting exclusive designs made by the same designer in which the colors and her Brazilian culture are combined with those of old Europe and in particular those of Italy and France.
The love for the research of details and the inspiration received from objects, fashion and natural elements have allowed her to continue a path of growth of textile techniques by creating exclusive fabrics that are then used thanks to innate sartorial skills where the stylist uses sophisticated moulage techniques that give the elegant creations a wearability that is always appreciated by its admirers.

From 2019 in the private Atelier located in the center of Milan a few steps from the Duomo, real works of art are born, prototypes of high fashion garments with exclusive fabrics whose production is entrusted to highly experienced seamstresses who are personally followed by the designer to maintain the high standards of quality and attention to detail that Paula Brasil never intended to
give up.